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Sunday, March 25, 2007 9:52 PM

Neoprint after MR BEAN MOVIE

Kolvis the Sick Dog. (Sad)

Some recent photos to start off this update. =]

Things are much of a rush these days. Been really busy with drawing & drawing.
Had a good talk with a number of people and really enjoyed myself; Selphie, Fidel, Melinda and members of F4.

I'm really enjoying myself as of late and though I do still feel empty at times and my Mum puts me down for no reason but still I'm going strong thanks to the support from my pals and my other 'Family'.

Lee Hong is getting married and I'm feeling weird about it... Not sure how to explain but there's a sense of joy and guilt-ridden sorrow. Nevertheless, "CONGRATS GIRL. Can't wait to attend your Wedding."

I'm so tired of relationships yet I yearn for one...... I too wanna rest in the arms of someone who just loves me for the Man (girl at times) that I am... Feel so confused over matters of my heart. Single life sucks but I hate a relationship that falters to temptations and 'voices'.

Take Care People and God Bless!!

D^Boy aka HiiRaGi

A Life dedicated to the 'F4' family, EGUES, Adorhythmatics & my Girl

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Thank You
To all the wonderful people who supports my dreams and passion!