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Friday, March 16, 2007 8:44 PM

Finally updated my layout which I had left untouched since early January when I changed it.
Hopefully you guys can feel what is going through that little Brain of mine through this all new layout!

I'm surprised when Mel~ found out about this blog of mine from a 'link' which has been dead for ages. God sure works in miraculous ways!! Anyway, its a good thing. =] Hopefully the 2 of us will be able to settle this uncertainty between us real soon.

Been rushing Wendy's work for her... feeling unappreciated and used as usual. Guess she's too comfortable and it is so normal to take me for granted. Oh well, I won't be of any use at all when she graduates. Its sad... I do love her much and no one can ever take her place in my heart... but I'll have to move on... Like what Fidelis said, my devotion should be for someone who deserves me. I can't help but agree.

Well, I'm putting all these in the hands of God like what Karen said and am not gonna be worried or bothered by all these anymore. Cheers people!

ps: that was what I said to Karen 3 years ago. OMG!!

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