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Friday, October 06, 2006 11:58 AM

Wendy, my One & Only

This is the Picture Frame I've made to replace the Gundam Wing Poster on my wall. My Mum asked me what good is it to hang something like this and what more would my new girl think if she was to see it. (I'm still SINGLE) I replied: "Not to worry. There wouldn't be any more girls after her."

This Picture that I had done up is sort of like a medication to my totally shattered heart and a reminder to me of why I am still alive. It's a stupid dream... but I sincerely do wish that we're back together for there is no other that will make me love her and feel loved the way she does.


My leg injury is recovering but I've burnt a bigger hole in my pocket... I've already spent SGD130+ by seeing the doctors. Well, I've finally taken an X-ray on Thursday and have tolerated the sharp pain for so many days. Its really a drain on me physically but yet I still walk the streets... Guess I really don't like staying at home.

I'll be going back for my medical review on Saturday and hopefully the doctor wouldn't say that I would need to be sent to the Hospital. I seriously had enough of surgery. Life really sucks!

God Bless all of Us!

ps: Thanks to my brothers for helping me out at this time of financial crisis and is 'funding' me without any complains or questions. I'll remember it for life!


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