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Sunday, October 15, 2006 3:30 AM

KTV.. Cleo Fashion Awards.. The KinG!


The injured Leg is much better... Heart is much more broken... Life must still go on... Inspirations are my fuel... Dreams are my engine... Brothers are my motivation...


14 October 2006 :: I'm still brooding over some things that Wendy said when I was over at her place on Friday to visit her and help with her school work. Not only that but her habits, her room and even her parents really put me in a slump of sorts. I am happy to be there for her but yet the reminiscence of the past hurts me much more than I thought. Everyday, it seems that I only find out more and more why I love her so much, so much...

Waking up in such a mood doesn't help improve thy concentration before any test; the brain is too pre-occupied. Well, I failed my Final Theory Test and partially the blame goes to the hanging of my computer.

The rest of the day wasn't too bad. I went back to school to check out on a few things, got to catch up with my confidant and later on hang out with XM and Shu Herng. XM, Shu Herng and I played some pool before heading to Paragon Coffeebean for dinner. OZ joined us there before we set off to Plaza Sing' to collect our tickets for the movie Death Note.

After collecting the tickets, XM set off to fetch Jasmine while OZ, Shu Herng and I chatted at the food court. OZ left for home when it was time for the movie. I went into the cinema first as Shu Herng had to showcase his Drum-mania skills to his adoring fans. Thank God all made it after the movie started for 5 mins. Its a Great Movie and I really enjoyed it!

We then walked to M.S. for supper and then had ice-cream at Mac. After which we took a little stroll before getting on a cab back home. While we were walking to get a cab, I said to XM that I noticed that there are many people looking at me. "Do I look weird or something?" XM said that long ago I had attracted much attention and back at Paragon Coffeebean, a girl was even taking my photos. I gave him a 'WTF' look and thus he quickly added, "but she could be just testing her camera."

Sincerely, thinking back, I did notice that I made many heads turn today... but I'm not certain if its due to my dressing or am I just too ugly with my new haircut. Indeed, I'm not gonna say that I look great or anything... If I am such a looker... why am I still an empty carcass waiting for the one who took my heart & soul to return it to me. She had never said that I look good or exude any charismatic charm...

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