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Thursday, September 07, 2006 11:32 PM

yeah... 'plenty' to say!

First of all, A big THANK YOU to the zealous 'fans' who wrote in and encouraged me on various issues and the question of what is my criteria and stuff for a girl to be part of my life. I'm sincerely moved by the response! But I gotta say that my previous post was not an ad for a search for the next Danny's Girl. =]

As for the big question of the criteria... The answer is that I'll never be able to let go of my ex aka Wendy for now and most probably forever.

Look in my eyes, death is all you can see... Night and day I pray for things to be the way before... Where, when and why did she make me cry? Loneliness has become another part of my life. Tears running strong and angels are gone... I don't how to carry on... I really need her back!

So unless, there's someone who is willing to love someone like me now and am willing to accept the fact about the never ending love I have for Wendy... Maybe then...

Gomen Mina!


Am doing better than before in many other areas and am slowly growing stronger and healthier. I'm very busy with all the things and appointments I had made thus I do feel that my life currently ain't really as bad as I thought before. Nevertheless, the emptiness in a particular department remains as hollow as it has been since she left...


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