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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 5:43 PM

Update before my OPeration...
Saturday was fine I guess. Went for basketball training and Malcolm was there! He's back from the States for holidays. It sure is good to see an old friend whom you've not seen for 2 years. He sure didn't change much except that his hair is much longer.
Training was quite ok till Alex knocked into Malcolm as he went for a steal. Malcolm's left eyebrow tore and he bled profusely. There was plenty of blood on the floor and he definately needed stitches...
Went to meet up with Zat, Jess and Jae after that. Had quite a good time chilling and I even got to verbally assualt Charles who were with us for a while. Hahaha!
Sunday at Waseda... Hmmm... the Shinobi game was the only game I played. Wanted to go to the Haunted House but it was too crowded. Wanted to go for Tea Ceremony but clashed time with Basketball 3 on 3. The queues were all too long! Damm! Nevertheless, we did managed to get some stuff at the Bazaar. Hehehe~
Anyway, most importantly!
Finally, the regrets and frustration for one whole year is gone. I'm Free! Thanks to Daniel and Shu Herng who supported me by being my team-mates and putting up with my 'abuse' and shouting. I really wanted to win.
Movie Friends with Money is a real good movie; depressing and true. Whatever it is, Jennifer Aniston in a Chamber Maid's costume is worth SGD 9.50 any day. Hahaha!
Monday's matchmaking by my Mum is a pure mistake but I had a great time thanks to Daniel and Xiang Min. Hehehe! Bowling is good too~ I won 2 cans of Coke.
Yesterday was spent at Gelare with Jess, Xiang Min, Daniel and LSB who decided to join us. Food glorious food. =]

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