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Monday, September 04, 2006 2:41 AM

The 'race' that was Too Slow Not Furious... it was also the first day that Wendy called me from UK... (26 Aug 2006 2+am) I really do not know of what to say... I'm just too in love with her. I thought that without her in Singapore, I would be able to forget about 'us' but it seems lie I was just lying to myself... When I talked to her, my emotions ran wild yet again; the worries, the concern, the love and even the hatred. What is happening to me?

She called me the second time on Thursday (01 Sep 2006 12.57am)... I was exhilarated! I have been trying to call her but I couldn't get through. I thought I had the wrong number but after confirmation from her, I guess it was more of the service here. Whatever it is, I'm just so happy to hear her.


Sincerely, I'm trying to move on. I'm even doing things out of the norm... but I every night, I can't help but miss her... That's the very reason I'm playing basketball on a competitive scale again, making myself real busy with projects and gym and last of all, drowning myself with the crowd and alcohol in clubs.

The other 'perverse' thing that I'm doing is that I'm going to places which Wendy and I used to frequent, eating her favourite food by myself and doing things she likes...

What is becoming of me? I'm not sure... but I can tell you that I'm numb from the pain and hurt and its really a part of me. I'm not a happy man and am running on aggression and hatred... It sounds sad but in some ways, I'm a much happier person!


This is my Life everyday:

* The Short Walk to Work...
* The busy maintenance line at Borneo...

* The 'scandals' which I often witness at the coffeeshop nearby...
* The lonesome wait at Jurong Mrt back home...

I'm working on things to forget about what has happened... I'm not even certain what I am to her. Does she treasure me? Will she not regret this decision of letting me go?

I really ponder... Nitez people!

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