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Saturday, September 16, 2006 11:42 AM

A quick update...

Important annoucement! Waseda Shibuya Senior High Open House on 17 Sep 2006, Sunday. Be there people. I want my Championship Back!!


I called Wendy on 12 September around 23:41... I kinda called at the wrong time as she was packing for her final stop-over at London. One of the Cities in the World which I really love; reasons not to be disclosed. We still did chat as we caught up alittle more with each other and it was really good to hear her voice... it soothed the pain I was being put through at the Hospital. =]

1 funny incident would be that she thought the irritating 'Auntie' Nurse was my Mum when she came into the room and passed me the reciept of my medical bill. Wendy was really in doubt and even thought I was lying. Hai~ Therefore, she really pressed me for which Hospital I'm at though I've kept it a secret till now.

NUH - Basic Treatment and Psychiatrist
TTSH - All the Checks and Medical Injections

Mount E - Cardiology related issues

Truthfully, even if you people knew, it is quite difficult to locate the exact Hospital I am at. Telling it now also doesn't matter since treatment and final checks are in a weeks time. So far... I can say that I'm doing well am deemed healthy.


Watched The Host with XM and I would say that it is indeed a good movie given that it is a Korean Film. The ever-so-stale storyline as usual but the more than decent graphics and good monster concept does entertain and there were many comedial scenes too or at least it was funny to me.


Oh yeah! Gym on Tuesday was hilarious as LSB joined Shu Herng and me. He sure is weak and there is plenty to be done. Hahaha! Sadly, we could not do much as there was so many people who decided to be there on that day. Shucks!

Gym yesterday was much better surprisingly. It could be due to the rain or maybe all the regulars think it is Party day but whatever it is, it is good news to me. Shu Herng and I did more routines and sincerely, SHu Herng is getting stronger! Sadz~ He got fats to build... I don't! He has better upper body strength than me but Thank God my legs are still top-rated.


Going to go for training soon. You people Take Care and see ye at Waseda Shibuya Senior High on Sunday!

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