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Friday, September 22, 2006 3:36 PM

Just woke up again... I managed to use my phone at 11.30am and sms some of my friends regarding my status. Hahaha~ All thought that I'M FINE AND HEALTHY. C'mon my friends, if I am, they wouldn't be running so many tests after my surgery. =]

Nevertheless, the good news is that I would not die and after my second operation, my condition has stabalized and with a few more tests and medication, I will be back in good shape except for some side-effects though...


My head doesn't have any visible scar and I do feel stronger and much better. My heart is finally pumping properly and my senses are feeling sharper since the very day I couldn't taste or smell anything at all.

The only problem is the blood flow and my temperment... The doctors are trying to rectify the issue and trying to 'balance the equation'...

Going to be back to sleep soon... final 2 tests and I'll be allowed to leave... I wanna party! Clubbing tonight maybe?


I know that she'll be back in a few hours time... I'm not sure if I wanna face her...
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