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Sunday, September 10, 2006 11:15 AM

I thought I was gonna be alone but apparently not.

I seldom look forward to clubbing. In fact, I don't ever since I stopped being an avid clubber a year back before I was with Valene. Now... this Saturday at M.O.S. was different. I was looking forward to it since Wednesday when my friend told me of the event; Hed Kandi is spinning!

I've never liked House music and in some ways, I would say I hate it as its like pure noise with plenty of bass n' drums. Hed Kandi is different though, I swore by them ever since I first heard of the tracks they spin. Their House music is an infusion of various genres of music and that includes Acid Jazz. What really got me hyped up was that Connor is here on tour and he'll be playing the saxophone along with the anthems!

As with most Hed Kandi events, there is bound to be plenty of beautiful people and I must say that there was indeed plenty of beautiful and sexy ladies around. Woo~ I met up with Zat and Shawn and the girls at 12am. Do not be mistaken but it was not a pre-planned meet up. Zat and his 'gang' made an impromptu decision to go to M.O.S. and knowing I was gonna be there, he called me.

He was surprised to know that I was just walking over when he called me at 12am. "I'm just chilling. =]" Well, before we entered, we witnessed a fight over at the VIP carpark. The bouncer wanted blood of this Big Fat Malay guy who was like 0.5 times more than his size. Anyway, he was too drunk and weak to go up against the bouncer and was easily over-powered. Yeah~ Thats how the party should be.

Well, it sure didn't disappoint as the music was really pumping and I even met a friend which I've not seen since his conviction. Well, he's definately doing much better than I was in terms of finacially but he was still dealing with the bad boys though. Whatever it is, it ain't up to me to judge him and his generous pour of 300ml of nick Martell sure kicks up a start (drank it down in one shot; burn baby burn!).

I kept on moving around rooms with Zat and 'gang' that I was kinda bored as Smoove sucks and Pure is way outta my league. I was there for Hed Kandi Man! I told them that I was gonna be on the dance floor and made my way there alone. It didn't matter to me for this is why I was here; to groove and move to the alluring mix of House and Jazz. My favourite was when they played the House remix of Perfecto with Connor as main on Saxophone!!

Well, an hour before I left, I was in the center of a brawl at the main arena's VIP corner as the guys fight it out and thus I saved a 'beauty' named Evelyn who asked me to clean her back which was wet due to the alcoholic spills of flying cups and mugs. Oh yeah... She hugged me too due to fear... Haha.. errr~ Frankly, not what I had in mind.

After attending to her 'needs', and the VIP corner cleared of the fighting men thanks to the numerous bouncers, I asked for her name. She did tell me obviously but ended her sentence with this phrase, "Sorry but I've got no time to know ye." Wow! Talk about being polite and nice and being returned with a 'rude' reply. In the first place, I've no intention of knowing her. I just think that it would be better to address her by her name than to call her Miss. C'mon... I'm not the service boy of M.O.S. man!

I made my way to the dance-floor yet again after the whole incident while Zat and Shawn went to look for the girls. Thank God the girls didn't see the fight. I was really enjoying myself but seeing someone whom I didn't expect to see and not wanting to see, I made my way out at 3.45am and back home without even saying goodbye to Zat and gang. Moreover, I came alone... I wanted to go off alone...


I'm really disgusted with this world! Yes... Anger and Hatred is what fills me and everyday, the world proves to me that the ugliness of Human-kind needs no mercy. Gone are the days of which love and honour is held in high regards as money and power takes over.

It is so hard to even believe in something which you once thought would never be swayed... The truth often hurts and most things are superficial. Friends are people who are your kept enemies and lovers are mere parasites.

I hate all you people out there!
I've had enough of people making use of me!
I detest all who takes me for granted!
Enough is enough...
I'm better off alone!

ps: Just what I feel but doesn't apply to everyone I know. Peace!

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