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Monday, September 04, 2006 11:50 PM

I didn't sleep in the wee hours of Monday... I was too uptight about a rather major decision which I've made... I too had a feeling that I'll see her online at around 3am.

Gym followed by basketball for the past few days have more or less tired me out but it doesn't really matter. The expat basketball team that I'm currently in has decided to go through a whole new revamp all thanks to some of my suggestions and thoughts. Yes... I've picked up basketball seriously again though I do not really like the sport the way I used to. I'm trying to rekindle that love for it as thats all there is left for me in a way.

The Tenjou Tenge Group which I've kinda started is expanding and currently, we have F4, Shu Herng, OZ and maybe even Steve. Seriously, I do not mind having more people joining us as long as you think you could fit the character you wanna cosplay. =]

Oh yeah, the most important message of this entry is that, please call me if you have questions or wanna talk as I won't really entertain sms anymore. Please excuse me when I do not reply your messages. The next being that I won't be in MSN after 5pm for until after 25 September due to some reasons. Hopefully during LSB's wedding, I can be confident to say that I'm the healthy Danny once again.

I'll keep you people updated through my blog and if there's anything, just call me or sms me for you would not find me in MSN~

Cheers and God Bless!

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