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Friday, September 08, 2006 4:35 PM

Due to numerous reasons, my work performance has been poor. I seriously think that I'm a burden and am causing much trouble to my superior. I really feel bad about it but most importantly, I'm very disappointed with myself.

My temp contract is coming to an end on the 25th and since there has been no confirmation of my conversion, I think I would like to leave the company though I'm happy here regardless of whatever back-stabbing thats going on. The reason being that I feel that it'll be better for the company to employ someone who could do the job better than I do. I don't like being the reason for causing my superior her extra problems.

Yeah~ It sounds like I'm giving up the fight but it ain't really true. I do not wish to stay on as a Temp Staff too as it is so de-moralising and not what I want.


Wendy called me at 13.44. I was working and it is real good to hear her voice... I'm missing her so much. We talked for 7:02mins and though it wasn't much, it meant a lot to me. I updated her a little on my condition and I gotta know how bored she is over there. =] I'm really looing forward to her return but yet suddenly I just feel that I wanna stay away from her... I'm not certain why I've such a fear of seeing her but I do. Ironic... Nevertheless, there's always a fuzzy feeling when I think of her... I love her too deeply.

Have a Good Weekend people!

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