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Monday, August 14, 2006 11:07 AM

Tarot reading for Danny

In your love life, you don't know where to turn to for help, in order to get your equanimity back, dear Danny! You're suspicious and undecided, and you prefer to hide behind reserve and indifference as soon as you enter the minefield called "feelings" It is best to beware of the alliance between the Lovers and the Pope, since this attitude is certainly not going to help you restore a climate of confidence.

At work, you feel like you can't get a grip on anything solid... The mood of those you work with is uncertain, and no one really dares to make decisions. In the face of this general apathy and inability to take the bull by the horns, the Hermit invites you to retrace your steps and pause for thought.

It's certainly not the moment for starting some new scheme or other. Rather, it's a time for solitude and reflection...


This is so true that it is scary... Many things happened this week and in some real perverse & cynical way I'm actually feeling better but at the same time its caused by the worst scenerio in my life currently. Damn!

I'm beginning to drift away from people on the whole... I'm like disgusted with so many things right now and that includes myself. Thanks for the people who has been there for me and the trouble you all have gone through to wanna put me back on track. It is much appreciated but then I do hope that you all understand that it is not an obligation that I have to answer to all your questions or do what you all say. Its my Life!

Lies and deception have been playing with me for quite a while that I'm not seeing the picture clearly nowadays but my faith and trust in some people though is swayed at times, am unfaltering.

I HATE MYSELF FOR MANY REASONS CURRENTLY & THE CURE IS ALSO THE POISON WHICH IS KILLING ME. The irony here; I'm the poison that's driving her crazy with my persistence and reminisce of our past.

Yes! I wish to be Alone! I do not mind to chill out with the 'crowd' in my inner circle but I do not wanna entertain various nonsense as I do not wish to have more negative stress adding on to the bulk that is weighing me down.

Good Day people! (ps: FUCK! I hate MONDAYS!)

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