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Sunday, August 27, 2006 10:41 PM

Photo-shoot and Natsu!

Selphie 21st B'dae pictorial!!

Alright, I woke up late and had to ask Selphie to change location for the Photo-shoot which was my birthday present for her. "Too broke to buy anything and it is more meaningful isn't it? (*grins)" Thus instead of Botanic Gardens, we ended up at...... Secret! Hahaha!
I would say that the photos turned out pretty well and God was definately helping out by giving me the proper lighting and timely breezes. I really enjoyed myself in the company of Jennifer, Steve and Selphie as I snapped away hoping to produce a proper album for Selphie.
Sad that I had to leave early due to Natsu and thus we didn't really complete the shoot. Gomenasai! Will finish it on another day ya? By the way, thanks for buying me lunch!

- Natsu Matsuri 2006 -

There wasn't as much people as last year... Well, its a private event... The general reason they gave for it being a private event was due to the renovation going on at the Changi School but many of us knew what was the real reason and hopefully next year I'll be able to party with my brothers again and spurn off some new craze!

The Taiko performance was even better than the last time I saw outside P.S. and the young kids actually performed our version of Yosaiko!! Hahaha! The kids are good and much better than many I know in JMD; guess kids just listen better as they do not argue that much eh? Hmmm...

I was kinda bored of seeing Japanese in Yukata or what-so-ever thus when I saw the Asahi Girls, I couldn't help but take some pictures of them as they are definately 'fresh'!

Oh yeah... Hazwan made us proud by winning the T-shirt design for 2 categories! Everyone was wearing his design... Fantastic man! About JMD's performance, I've nothing to comment on. You people who watched it live or am going to see the video that was recorded shall judge for yourself. =]

Overall, Natsu 2006 was fun as I got to meet all the Japanese Sensei's and catch up a little with them and Bon Odori really pumped me up! It really cheered me up and cleared my mind of all the worries and pain that I'm feeling for that period of time... Nevertheless, how I wish she was there with me...

After Clubbing... Fight!?

the Bastard scratched me when he pulled on my Jordan T-shirt

After Natsu, I went down to Liquid Room as it was their last party before re-locating. It was so jammed packed with people and we were not able to get in...
Therefore Daniel, Shu Herng and I went over to MOS instead and we were signed in by Daniel's Army-mate. The music over at Smoove was bad... Trance at Main was grooving as Wally Lopez spinned and played but no matter how great it was, it ain't really my kinda music. After running around a couple of times between this 2 places, we ended up at Retro which really pumped us up but the crowd was so old it was scary. Hahaha!
We walked back to Liquid Room to collect the car at 3am as we've decided to go home. 50 meters away from Butter Factory, I saw Shawn kicking a Trash Bin and Veron was screaming though I could not recognize her at first and Matt was trying to calm Veron down. The question in my head was "where is Melissa?"
I exchanged a few words with Veron before walking over to talk to Shawn. Some Singaporean Ass-head was trying to pick a fight with him and he was freaking pissed. He was looking for Melissa at Liquid Room and suddenly this guy came up to him to pick a fight claiming that Shawn was "369"! What the Hell!
The best thing was that this drunk idiot also went up to Jeremy and Matt and did the same thing. I was definately unhappy... Nobody picks a fight with my boys man! But sincerely, I was more worried if Shawn had really decided to punch him. Anyway, the 'talking and calming' session took a while before we walked towards Butter Factory to find Veron and Melissa.
ps: Oh yeah, Arina's classmate knows Shawn and was part of this commotion. Small World eh...
Sitting Outside Butter Factory along with the 2 girls were 4 other guys and Arina's classmate and one of the guys was the Singaporean Ass-head. Shawn finally got to talk to Melissa alone as we watched from afar. Shawn took off his shirt and left after their arguement with Matt and Jeremy. I bid them 3 farewell as I walked back to talk to Veron and Melissa to try to figure out what really was going on.
Well, things were still a mess since Veron doesn't wanna say anything and Melissa was in her typical drunk state and was only hugging me and babbling nonsense; she even thought I was Zat. Yet to my concern, she keep repeating in a whisper to me, " Leave now... you are a nice guy. Leave..."
Well, after I finally decided that nothing can be resolved and that in some ways all is well, I wanted to go home. I asked Veron if she needs a lift since she stays in the North zone too but she declined as her friends were sending her home. This was when that Singaporean Ass-head stood up and grabbed hold of my right sleeve and did exactly the same thing and said exactly the same words he did to Shawn and his pals.
The Singaporean Ass-head's friend immediately came and hold him and was between the 2 of us. The Singaporean Ass-head's grip did not loosen as he continued with his foul assult of badly dictated message.
I was peeved but am still cool at least till he threw his first punch or ripped my beloved tee. He nearly tore my tee when he wanted to pull me to him and that was when his other friend came and dragged hin away. Smart choice! I was about to punch him and Daniel was about to do the same.
His friends apologised profusely saying that he is drunk and all but it didn't matter to me. I just don't want matters to get complicated for Veron and Melissa. They were like screaming at this bugger to let me go. *smiles
I left alright but I thanks to Melissa, this piece of shit knows my name and frankly, if I does create trouble for either of us again, he better watch out. My temper has not been of good as of late and they do not call me a 'monster' for no reason... I'LL 'BREAK' HIM THE NEXT TIME!
Last but not least, can anyone tell me the pros of being single? Up till now, I do not feel or see it except that I do not report to someone about what I do or my whereabouts.
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