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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 11:11 PM

Just another day... Recently, I've began to distant myself from people and its not because they've done me wrong or picked on me (as if they dare) but I just feel that there's no need to be so close with everyone or anyone.

In some ways, this 'action' of mine is a sign of my weakness; I get hurt easily as I am too trusting. Sad to say, this revert of character to whom I was like before many years back suits me real well now. Indeed, I'm more aggressive, my temper blows faster, I really do not give a fuck and am filled with angst and disgust for this world but overall, I'm still me. I just came to realize that I'm happier being a self-centered bastard. Nevertheless, I do care for my 'bros & sistas'.

Watched Pretty Persuasion: Kimberly Joyce is a shockingly cruel and sexy-beyond-her-years Beverly Hills teenager who will stop at nothing to become famous. Believing the world is an orchestra and she is the conductor, Kimberly masterfully manipulates all those around her. She convinces her two best friends to join her in a campaign against their befuddled teacher, Mr. Anderson, played to nebbishy perfection by Ron Livingston. Kimberly entangles the entire Beverly Hills community in her carefully woven web of seduction and deceit. A clever comedy with an ending that nobody but Kimberly can predict!

You should watch it if you wanna see how a mind with so much power and blessed with beauty can be so destructive. I really enjoyed it as it tapped on many things and even on a psychotic point of things. Somewhat I can relate to the protagonist... LSB was kinda 'shocked' by the way I was smiling throughout the whole show and even after it.

Alright... Good Night people and unless you wanna get burnt, do not piss me off with any form of antics... trust me, I'm not as forgiving as I was anymore. God Bless eh!

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