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Saturday, July 22, 2006 12:29 AM

Maybe I should blog about something happy for a change eh? Things have been picking up at work and in some way or another, even in other areas. (That doesn't mean I'm a happy person on the whole)

I've already worked for Borneo Motors Lexus for a whole month now. This Wednesday's, the CitiGold tie-up with us (Lexus) was real grand and though I was really busy, I had lots of fun; ended the day with a photo with the models and gulping a whole bottle of full-bodied Providence Red Wine. I too have been getting well with most of my colleagues but too made some enemies... Maybe just one I would say... She's a tarty lady who wants people to suck up to her and just do her biddings and pay every attention to her. Yeah... LIKE HELL I WOULD COMPLY!

Memoirs of a Broken Heart. Thats the title of the 'book' I'm writing on. Yes... Just as you've guessed it, it is a book which I'm gonna write all about the feelings and emotional turmoil that I'm facing in my life since Wendy left me. The reason for such a decision? I realized it is far too depressing for readers to keep reading my pain and misery and I too would like to keep it a little more personal and exclusive to only myself.

Since we're at it, things between Wendy and I are like the murky waters of the yellow river; there is pretty much of life in it but the intricacy of thoughts, emotions and feelings are causing all the waves of immense destruction and birth. The water seems to flow towards a goal but only to be met with more indecisiveness at the end but yet it could also be the other way round. (Haha! Bet your head is spinning now)

Anyway, I've taken upon a path of which I'll stand by her and still treat her as my wife to be for I BELIEVE. You just gotta have faith and trust in your heart more than your brains at times. The basic instinct and intuition which is so raw and powerful. Moreover, whenever we meet up and no matter be it she throws a tantrum or smiles and treats me like an angel, just being with her I feel so whole and blessed in bliss and harmony.

To end this entry, my dear friends and readers, I won't be updating as often as I'm real busy with work and stuff and also the fact that I do not wish to blog about my life-drama of tears. Do enjoy the photos.

Nitez People and God Bless.

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