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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 1:09 AM

If There Is Really LOVE...

After having been in and out of a decent number of relationships over the past few years, after breaking a few hearts, after having my heart broken and after growing with such experiences, I am finally able get down to my definition of what love is actually all about.

There is a really fine line between companionship and love. Should my woman or I not be able to feel for any of the points in my list below, I know there is no love.

1. You will never demand him/her to do things for you.
2. You will never speak ill of him/her in his/her absence.
3. You will always be in a good mood whenever together.
4. You will love and accept his/her flaws without wishing he/she'd change.
5. The thought of losing him/her kills you.
6. You will always feel appreciated, blessed and in awe at his/her thoughtful gestures, no matter how often you get them.
7. You will never be jealous of his/her success and happiness.
8. You love spending time with him/her, no matter how long.
9. His/Her feelings will always matter more than your own.
10. You will never think that there will be someone better out there, for he/she will always be the best.

These are also exactly all the reasons of how I feel for Wendy...


For you curious cats out there who is worried for me, "THANK YOU!" I am doing well in my work. I'm much more 'stable' now but sadly... some things do happen when you least expected and somewhat my health is not in a desirable state. Hopefully I'll be fine... =]

I've come to much terms and compromise with Wendy as to the whole break-up and what is not to be done or said that may make this relationship worst. I sincerely want her back for more then anything in the World simply because my love for her has no limits and bounds; she is my other half, soul-mate and the 'One'. Gotta have faith ya!

Dance tomorrow should be fun... Nitez People!

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