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Monday, June 19, 2006 12:16 AM

On the Cab...
Day01 after break-up / Day04 after 'intermission'

It is officially over at yesterday night 17 June 2006, 7.40+pm. Many things were said and though it is all in my head and fully registered I still can't believe that it is over. Yes... I still can't let go.

I've changed the layout and added the song 如果不爱你 by 张学友 as background music to show how I still am feeling at this moment. I love Wendy so much and have sunk so deeply that it is tough to get out but most importantly I don't even want to.

I cried all night... I cried on the train home after paying respects to my Grandma at the temple... I cried on the cab down to meet Zat and Wendy(A.D.C.). I don't understand why but tears just keep on rolling off my face.

I had a good talk with Zat and Wendy (A.D.C.) and I am very much better after that. Thanks alot for being there for me.

Sorry but I do not wish the share the details with everyone...


On the train home, at Marina Bay station, Wendy called me... I didn't know how to react. I was hoping it'll be good news but it was regarding her taking her things back... We did 'chat' but it was of more of me talking and saying how much I still love her . The call lasted 13mins 18sec and though she sounded cheerful, she was cold and somewhat I irritated and disgusted her. I kinda made matters worst back at home as I asked some questions and said some things to her over msn. I'm becoming a prick to her...

I know not of what is right to do or say. God please help me.


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