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Friday, June 02, 2006 4:21 PM
Life's been a drag. =]
Life's been good. I've been called up and even went for a couple of interviews. I too sent out many applications and hopefully there'll be some positive replies soon.

Wei Xiong aka Polar Bear is a married man and my Girl's sister will be somebody's wife in a few days time. I'm so envious man! Damm... Oh well, I'm like broke and doesn't have a career yet thus I shouldn't think too much but I know I'll have my turn. Hahaha!

Dance progress for A.D.C. has been on track and we're finishing the song Petrified soon. Let's hope the feel can be improved as the whole choreography stills lacks the 'Yo' factor and the energy. Nevertheless, it is good to know that we're moving on to our next song in 2 weeks time (hopefully).

I finally got my Vodafone 903SH (white) and it is simply fantastic. The photos and video taken are breath-taking and the audio and video files played through the stereo speakers is excellent. The only downside is the size and weight of the phone and the stupid limitations which has the ringtones playing softly and not being able to use mp3 as ringtones.

I'm currently clearing some of my gadgets which are relatively new and I would say is in good condition. I'm doing so as I've got myself some new toys and it would be redundant to have so many similar stuff in my house.

I'm most 'desperate' in wanting to sell off my HP laptop ( which has given me no hassle in use and the mobility and power to do work anywhere. I'm a little reluctant but I have too as I've a new laptop now. So is there anyone who is interested? Spread the word for me ya.

Overall, Life is good but a Job will make it better!

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