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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 1:17 AM

I'm sorry guys... I'm crying all over again... my heart is in serious pain and I feel faint as I type this. Looks like the heartache of losing Wendy is not something which I could just forget or brush away... I had sunk way too deep.

I know it has been a great day. I went to that Big-Ass Company and kicked some serious ass and impressed my interviewers who were stunned and awed by my presence. I didn't have to go through a 3rd interview as I eliminated my competitors straight down and got a call at 6pm from Doreen that I had gotten the job. Yes!

I wanted to call Wendy and tell her the news so badly... I mean, c'mon like I said, I had been doing what I was suppose to do and was always trying to make things better but it just so happened that I was in a slump and now things are finally picking up... "I didn't lie to you."

I wish I could hold her in my arms. I wish she was cheering for me. I wish we could celebrate this news together but all these are merely dreams! I am Weak! Sorry my friends but regardless of what has been said or the advices you all gave me, at the end of the day, I'll just revert back to the scorpio who gave everything without holding back and has lost its way for all it could hear is his heart.

Thanks for Zat, Wendy(A.D.C.) for making the day great and even Jasmine aka Lil' Sis for just being there for a short while but here I am crying in pain for a lost which I couldn't figure out why it should end.

Doesn't Love for another transcend all obstacles in the way? Naive~ I don't care!

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