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Thursday, June 15, 2006 4:58 AM

Day one of 'intermission'

Things are not in anyway well to me currently. The word that best describes it all is 'desolated'. Recently, my life is filled with thrills and laughter and all that lies in contrast to that or should I say they work very much hand-in-hand.

As usual, things in terms of a job is still of no decent or promising news... I hate it when my life goes to a slump but most of the time I could still handle it but currently the situation I am in is not something which I could have control of. My only hope is that someone would finally take up my resume and say that I'm the kinda guy they need in their company. All that I could do now is to send out those countless resumes and cover letters through slow mail and email. Damm it!!

Oh yeah, if that isn't bad enough, I think my Mum is having her menopause and suddenly the whole world in our little family is given a spin. She screams at me and nags at me for simple things that don't need attention and stuff. Truthfully though... after sitting down at times and cooling down, I realize that I may be a little too heated-up / over-reacting to what my Mum asks of me and her constant 'reminders'. So I do feel bad about that at times too but just that I didn't let her know. I do know that she is worried for my future but it is my life now and I would just want her to let go and have trust that I am an independent man just like my Dad when I turned 18. Sheesh~


Garfield 2 was a funny movie and I'm glad that Zat, Steve, Selphie, Wendy (JMD) and Jasmine watched it with me. The movie cheered me up but when I stepped out of the cinema, I realize I felt even worse as I had looked forward to watching this with my Muffin and now that was not the case... Anyway, Thanks Guys!

It is Weird being Single but Not Available as I prefer to be Attached and Taken. I pray that there'll be a rainbow after this storm and that all will be better from it on. Day 1 of the intermission is already killing me. I wonder how much of my sanity will survive till 27 June 2006.


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